Intel buys Basis Science, Wearable Devices Market Movers again but the Bang is from Facebook and Oculus

Intel is interested in wearable objects and already during 2014 CES in Las Vegas presented some devices even if with some false steps (the wearable objects shown by Intel in CES were ARM based). Now tries to invest further in such filed acquiring Basis Science announcing such deal today. Basis Science is a firm known for its health tracking services and devices. Up to now Intel didn’t disclose the value of the deal, but according to analysts the acquisition could be in the range of $100m (€72.5m).

Basis device in watch shape claims containing the most advanced sensors on the market, capturing heart rate patterns, motion, calorie expenditure by activity, multiple sleep stages, including REM—even perspiration and skin temperature. All of this data is captured 24/7.




The big stuff in today market, anyway, is made by Facebook buying Oculus Rift VR company for $2 billion with the statement by Mark Zuckerberg describing VR as the ‘next major computing platform after mobile’. Probably oculus is no a real wearable device, it is more borderline, but it is an interesting upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, interesting also because up to now some of the founds was raised with crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Before Facebook acquisition Oculus mass production is expected (but not confirmed) to become available in late 2014 or early 2015, now with the gun power of Zuckerberg’s company some time advance could be thought.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift


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